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Elisabeth and Edvard's World

Midsummer Party

It's midsummer! Because of covid-19, Sweden is experiencing a year without midsummer and I decided it would be fun to celebrate with fairytales instead. Head over to Elisabeth and Edvard's World Facebook Group to celebrate midsummer with fairy tales!

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The updated version of The Apprentice Storyteller is now available on Wattpad! The book is with the editor right this moment.

I'm also looking for reviewers to help me out during the release. If you're eligible to post a review on one of the Amazon sites and want a free ebook copy of The Apprentice Storyteller and any of The Wordmage's Tales you're interested in, sign up for my street team today!

What's  happening with my new series?

The Wishmaster series

The Apprentice Storyteller:

A travelling storyteller meets a young boy who’s run away from home. The boy without a name refuses to take no for an answer and in the end, the storyteller, Viola Alerion, gives in, accepting him as her apprentice. However, Viola has a terrible secret that affects their relationship and the nature of their journey.

As time goes by, Viola realises she’s not the only teacher in the equation. Her young apprentice also has something to teach, although Viola makes for a reluctant student. Can she give way to possibility and allow a brighter future to blossom? Can she find the courage to learn the principles that will help her transform her life? Can she overcome her circumstances and face her past?

The Apprentice Storyteller is also on pre-order right now through a crowdfund I've set up to help me get this novel and its accompanying series of novellas to a professional editor without drawing things out too much for you, my dear readers. I know it's hard when an author brings out a great book and you have to wait months, and sometimes years, for the next one. I can't afford the editor for everything in one go on my current day-job salary, so I thought putting the books on pre-order during the production process could help speed things up and bring you everything in short succession and stop you having to wait. You can check out the different pre-order options in the "rewards" section of the crowdfund. A minimum $5 contribution also makes you eligible to join my street team, Wishmaster's Book Angels, where you'll get unique opportunities, including naming characters for The Wordmage's Tales series and be the first to see cover reveals and when the book will be published (preliminary date set in August 2020).


Glimpses of Wilderness by Lee Ann Ward

This story is incredible and very different from your average fantasy novel. The plot twists reminded me so much of anime. They were totally unexpected and added to genius storytelling!

Anna is plagued by dreams of a past life, making her experiences as a modern teenager hard to bear, because, more than anything, she wants to go back to the wilderness where she had love and a family. Then, she meets the man who was her husband in that past life...


This book engages with the topic of what makes life meaningful and worth living and emphasises the importance of finding what makes our lives meaningful in this moment. Anna's mother provides a perfect foil to the arc of our main character because she spends all her time focusing on what has been lost, rather than seeing the good she has in her life now.

Anna's mother's story spoke to me very strongly because I know someone who lives in the past like that and I've seen the hurt it causes to those around her. It is nice to read a book that is so sensitive to such an important topic and offers such a deep message.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and particularly the poignant ending. I look forward to the next book in the series.

Glimpses of Wilderness.png

Summer Reading Recommendations:

Let it go.png

Let It Go by Brooke Gillespie-Trout

If I loved book 1 of this series, Set It Free, then Let It Go totally blew my mind. I thought I knew where this series was going and then Gillespie-Trout totally blindsided me with the most amazing plot twist.

If you love 80s rock music and stories of success, then this romance is totally a book for you. Alexandra is an actress on the road to success in Hollywood and Slater Heart is a rock god and renown as a bad boy. They have a past but have let each other go but that proves harder to do than they realised.

This is a beautiful story about the difficulties of balancing a career and a relationship and it's a great lesson in accepting the gifts we are offered and embracing the abundance of the Universe. In their hubris, Alex and Slater decide they cannot have a relationship because they must focus on their careers, when, in actual fact, they could have had both if they'd chosen it. We often fall prey to "being realistic" but as a transformational life coach I know that bowing to the rational brain is a sure-fire way to find unhappiness and that's precisely what Alex and Slater reap.

It's a great cautionary tale but also an amazing exploration of the lives of the famous and the price of fame. 

Another reason I love this series so much is how it douses me in all possible emotions. It is rare for a book to elicit so many emotions in me. Let It Go is visceral. I can't wait for the next book in this series!


The summer is also full of bookish opportunities!

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My top reading recommendations of all time

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