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Elisabeth and Edvard's World

Naiya's Wish

The Enchanted Kingdoms box set of fairy tales is now available on pre-order in the USA from Nook. The pre-order will be available internationally from amazon in the summer. If you're in the US, you really want to get it from Nook because it comes with an extra-awesome free Cookbook with recipes relating to each fairy tale in the set and I'm sure you'd love to know what Naiya the naiad likes to eat.

This collection includes:

Alice in Wonderland by J. A. Armitage and J.A. Culican
Cinderella by Kimbra Swain
Snow White and Rose Red by Eileen Mueller and A.J. Ponder
Beauty and the Beast by Beth Hale
Aladdin by Zara Quentin
Rumpelstiltskin by Craig Halloran
Sleeping Beauty by Stacey O'Neale
Wizard of Oz by Amanda Marin
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves by Lacy Sheridan
Red Riding Hood by May Dawson
Rapunzel by Anne Stryker
Sinbad the Sailor by Cassidy Taylor
Robin Hood by Jacque Stevens
Little Match Girl by Lee Ann Ward
Twelve Dancing Princesses by Kit Winters
Mulan by Charlotte Daniels and Charlie Daniels
The Nightingale by IreAnne Chambers and Rachel McManamay
The Girl without Hands by Daphne Moore

The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Alice Ivinya
Nix of the Mill Pond by Astrid V.J


Click on the image to buy on Nook.

And head here to redeem your free cookbook.


Magic March is just full of amazing opportunities

If you love fantasy, I can recommend these

Fantasy and Fairytale Deals

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If you prefer something a little sweeter with some nice happily ever afters, then you're likely to find some great books here:

Do you want something with a bit more magic?

Then you can't pass up this amazing opportunity

Want to try some new indie authors without breaking the bank?

Look no further:


Hayate's story is just amazing! If you love anime, you'll adore this book! If you love fantasy with characters moving between worlds (like the fae), then you'll love this book! If you enjoy dystopian futures with crazy cities and a load of darkness, you won't be able to put this book down.

As an anime fan, I'd say The Origin of the White Wind is the perfect blending of Nurarihyon No Mago and Rurouni Kenshin---it is pure genius! It blew my mind. I'm not kidding.

Hayate is a spirit creature, a divine fox (kitsune) but he's stuck on Earth in a future where all our nightmares have come true. He struggles to maintain his connection to his divine being and is helped by a kind old man who keeps him safe, until the villagers at the bottom of the mountain come searching for what they believe is a demon.

This is a deeply moving story about good, evil and the struggle we experience between the two. It is also a beautiful description of making the most of a bad hand of cards. I've read Xander Cross's other works as well which give greater depth to the character and hint at the possibility of redemption, which makes reading about his fall so much more poignant.


March Reading Recommendation:

The Origin of the White Wind by Xander Cross

Twist of Fae.png

Twist of Fae by S.L. Mason

I thought I enjoyed the original These Hallowed Hills trilogy, but this next book in the series with a whole new character is just something else. Twist of Fae can easily be read as a stand-alone, it's that good. I love how this novel builds onto the world Mason created.

Pil is cast out of the land of Fae and has to make her way in a hostile surface world, but that's okay. She's the greatest fae hunter ever to exist. She's just beyond awesome. I also enjoyed the elaboration of what happens to the human world because of the events in the original series about Sarah.

Pil also has a series of secrets you're kept guessing at until the end. Every twist in this story is brilliantly orchestrated and I love S.L. Mason's style. Nursery rhymes are never going to be the same again. The haunting twists to the rhymes feel right somehow, but is also immeasurably weird. The pace is excellent and you just can't get enough.

I'm so grateful for yet another opportuntiy to immerse myself in this world. I do adore this series and can't recommend it enough.


What's  happening with my new series?

The Wishmaster series

I'm busy self-editing The Apprentice Storyteller and I'll be putting each chapter up on Wattpad for free as I get through it. Yes, I know this isn't professionally edited material yet, but I'd like it to be available for my readers to get a foretaste of what this project is all about.

I just finalised The Last Warrior, a novella. It is one of the tales the apprentice learns and is mentioned in the main novel at some point. Click on the image to download your free copy of The Last Warrior!

The Apprentice Storyteller:

A travelling storyteller meets a young boy who’s run away from home. The boy without a name refuses to take no for an answer and in the end, the storyteller, Viola Alerion, gives in, accepting him as her apprentice. However, Viola has a terrible secret that affects their relationship and the nature of their journey.

As time goes by, Viola realises she’s not the only teacher in the equation. Her young apprentice also has something to teach, although Viola makes for a reluctant student. Can she give way to possibility and allow a brighter future to blossom? Can she find the courage to learn the principles that will help her transform her life? Can she overcome her circumstances and face her past?

the last warrior.png

I take you, my reader, very seriously and this is why I will make sure all of these books are professionally edited before making them commercially available. As my biggest fans, I like to give you tasters while the work is in progress, but all of the material available for free at this time is unedited. I moonlight as an author because my day job is what pays the bills and keeps my family alive. Editing costs money as it is an incredibly important aspect of the publishing process. If you'd like to see The Apprentice Storyteller and accompanying Wordmage's Tales published soon, then you can help make that a reality! I've set up a crowdfund to help me pay what the editor has quoted for this project. Contributions to the crowdfund obviously come with perks! Your name will be included in the acknowledgments, generous contributions get signed copies of all the books (there's a whole range of other gifts too) and, if you join my street team, Wishmaster's Book Angels, you can even have your name included for one of my characters!

My top reading recommendations of all time