Social Conscientiousness

The world of the 21st century is a very divided and unequal place. The current decade is beginning with very grim situations the world over. Although many positive developments have taken place, and these include the reduction of poverty and mortality (for causes other than age) to all-time lows in relation to the world's population, nonetheless, because of population growth, the sheer numbers of people living in poverty, suffering and dying of curable diseases, being sold into and kept in slavery are at a record high. Coupled with the growing number of natural disasters fueled by our unsustainable way of life, the coming decade is going to be incredibly challenging and even disastrous if we don't fuel change right now. Quite simply, there are millions of people suffering and something should be done about it.

Since starting my journey as a published author in 2019, I have taken on a new attitude. I am getting things done, like publishing a book I wrote 15 years ago. What can I do about all the social and environmental issues that face this planet we call home? Well, here follow a few of my ideas...

5% of all profit made from my books will go to charitable endeavours

As of June 2019, 5% of the profits of my books will go to Taking Wing Foundation towards supporting youths and young adults, residing in Gothenburg's immigrant district and who come from disadvantaged, immigrant backgrounds, achieve their potential.

I also use my writing to further change by supporting charities with specific books. Read below for more information about these books and which charities they support.

About Taking Wing Foundation

Taking Wing Foundation is my own initiative to provide life coaching to young adults from the immigrant district where I live. I feel strongly that the biggest untapped potential for significant change is embedded in the youths with disadvantaged, working-class and immigrant background who have their feet in two worlds and who can therefore think out of the box to develop new and innovative solutions to our social and environmental difficulties. However, many of these youths are stuck with negative mental processes and self-images which hold them back from achieving their potential. Life coaching is the perfect solution to this, and I would like to provide it for a better future.

Books I've worked on to raise funds for charity

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Enchanted kingdoms is a set of 20 fairytale retellings brought to you by a team of 24 award-winning and best-selling authors. This USA Today Bestselling set is a limited edition aiming to raise money for the children's autism charity, Puzzle Peace United. This charity works together with communities, schools, businesses and families to educate people coming into contact with children on the autism spectrum in order to help make the lives of these children easier and more rewarding. All proceeds of Enchanted Kingdoms will be going to Puzzle Peace United. For more information about the charity, see below.

My contribution to Enchanted Kingdoms is Naiya's Wish, my fourth book in the Elisabeth and Edvard's World series. This is a retelling of the Grimm Brothers' lesser-known tale, The Nix of the Mill-pond.

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Enchanted Waters is an illustrated anthology of short stories featuring magical water creatures and aims to raise money for the ocean-protection charity, Oceana. We  hope these fantasy tales can inspire a new generation of readers to embrace our responsibility to take better care of our environment. We would like our writing to make a difference.

My contribution to this anthology is The Naiad's Curse, a short piece related to Naiya's Wish, but told from the perspective of the miller, Nate, who makes the deal with the naiad. In essence, this is a short retelling of the original tale from the original point of view.