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Astrid V.J.'s series of novellas to accompany The Apprentice Storyteller
Wordmage's Tale Series

The Wordmage's Tales is a series of stand-alone books that present the tales the apprentice learns in The Apprentice Storyteller. Each of the tales illustrates one of the fundamental principles of human transformation.

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The Sewing Princess

Calathea's world is turned upside down one night when her country is invaded and her father murdered. Calathea and her sisters will be married off to the new king's closest supporters, to legitimise his rule. Her sisters resign themselves to their fate but Calathea will never give up. She starts sewing and formulates a plan of escape, but can she pull it off? Can she dupe her captors into believing she is a harmless woman they can ignore? And what of Azwan, the soldier she meets who shows her kindness and consideration when everyone else holds nothing but contempt for her? Can she really abuse his kindness and then leave?

This is the Wordmage's Tale dedicated to the principle of "defining the dream".

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The Artist and His Muse

It is dawn. One man stands upon a ladder, putting the final touches on his greatest work, smiling at the addition of a woman, huddled in a red cloak. With a flourish, he makes the last stroke of his brush and steps down to admire his masterpiece. The character he added draws the eye into the world of trees and hills. It is perfect and he knows his career is made.

He glances around but the woman who inspired perfection isn't there. Only a folded red cloak rests on the rock where she sat earlier. Picking up the cold fabric, the artist sighs. He must find her because he knows his life, and his creativity, will never be complete without the mysterious woman's presence. But first, he must meet a duke and receive his reward for achieving the impossible.

This is the Wordmage's Tale dedicated to the principle of "testing the dream".

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The Last Warrior

Cynthia has struggled for years against the powers guiding her life. She wants to take back control. She wants the freedom to marry a man she loves and, more than anything, she wants to live up to the expectation she's been saddled with. In her own mind she is far from worthy of being the head healer of her people.

Can she overcome her self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy? Can she expand her awareness and become kinder to herself? Or will she allow everything that ever brought her happiness to slip through her grasp and turn to ashes?

This is the Wordmage's Tale dedicated to the principle of "increasing one's sense of deserving".

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The Companion's Tale

Elaine is thrown in the deep end and her life unravels before her eyes when the princess she serves dies in a tragic accident. All of a sudden, Elaine doesn't have a purpose. Alone and drifting, she realises the princess' death wasn't an accident at all, and things spiral even further into chaos. Can Elaine find herself in the midst of it all or will she let the stream tug her into yet another life not of her choosing? And what of Raymond Dart, the royal investigator with a reputation for being the hardest, most intimidating man in the kingdom? Is the kindness he shows Elaine real or is he acting to get her to confess to the princess' murder? Elaine doesn't know what to believe and her life could be on the line if she misses a step.

This is the Wordmage's Tale dedicated to the principle of "finding the seed of the dream".